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FMQ for April


I did my FMQ challenge for April.  I wasn’t sure I’d like following a pattern but I had fun with it.


I stayed on the line pretty well and I love how it looks finished.  I still need to to my block on my sampler quilt but I should be able to get that done over the next couple of days.


March FMQ


I didn’t even wait until the last day!  Are you surprised because I sure am.  I was so excited that this months guest teacher was Ann Fahl.  Her book Thread Dancing was the first book on FMQ that I bought.  I didn’t do the loops or the stars because I’ve had lots of practice with them since they are two of my favorite quilting designs.  I’m quite proud of my spirals.  I need to work on my speed control with them but I like how they worked.  I’m not so good with the flowers.  The ones that didn’t get messed up by my misbehaving bobbing looked ok but they are HUGE.  I’m going to have to learn how to make them better and a little smaller.

So of course I chose the spirals for my sampler quilt.  I knew I could get them to look at least halfway decent.

Here’s my first three months.  I think that I’m doing ok.  I definitely see improvement.


I also cheated a little and got an early start on one of my guilds next projects.  We’re making a Stack-n-Whack and I couldn’t wait to see what would come out of my fabric.  I also wanted to have some done so I could pick out a background at a great sale this weekend.

This is the only block that I have sewn so far and a scrap of fabric I had to test the kind of fabric I want to buy.  I think that I really like the pink with it.  Can’t wait to get more done and to be able to go shopping this weekend.

February FMQ



I finally made myself start the FMQ challenge for this month yesterday.  This month’s post was by Diane Gaudynski and she showed how to do feathers.  I am terrified of feathers I think if it weren’t for this challenge I would have been perfectly happy to go through my quilting life without making a single feather.  That’s why it took half of the month to talk myself into trying this.

Here’s my first attempt.  I figure if you stand back far enough and squint a little it looks pretty darn good.

I actually really like the top half of the second attempt.  Don’t look to close at the bottom.  I love the little branch off.

Here’s my sampler quilt so far.  I didn’t show it last month for the very simple reason that it hadn’t been sewn yet.  So here’s this month and last months blocks.

All in all while I am quite proud of my feathering efforts I still don’t see myself using them in a quilt anytime soon if ever.  Thanks Diane for the tutorial though and thanks to for putting this challenge together.  I am enjoying this opportunity to learn more about FMQ and improve my skills.



I got the top done for my Name Game swap quilt this morning.  I was wanting to do some pretty dense background quilting so that the hearts and the name would stand out more.  So I decided that today was the day for me to face another of my quilting fears and tackle pebbling.

After watching quite a few youtube videos on the subject I sat at my machine and just got to it.  This was my second attempt.  So after practicing and deciding that it looked ok, I got my swap quilt ready and took off quilting.

I can’t show you the whole quilt because I don’t want my swap partner to find it, but here’s a little peek at some of the embroidery and quilting.  I can’t wait to see this completed and be able to send it to it’s new home.

A New Monster is Created


First things first, I got my FMQ sample quilt pressed and trimmed and I got a picture of it first thing this morning.  I can’t wait to get it sandwiched and start the quilting.  I think I’ll do a few more practice pieces though just to be on the safe side.

I joined the Monthly Make challenge at The Felt Fairy.  I got this months make done today.

I have wanted to crochet this Frilly Dress for months and this was my motivation to do it.  I rewrote the pattern a little to add in the white around the bottom for a lace look.  I made it in the newborn size and it’s just so cute and little and fluffy!

Here’s a picture of it with the skirt all spread out.

Now for the monster story.  I have a friend who does a lot of wool applique (and I hope you are reading this Leanne) and I asked her to help me with a wool project for my next monthly make.  I’ve always wanted to try working with wool.  We went shopping last Saturday and she let me look through some of her patterns and pick one out so we could start getting the wool for it.  My dear friend taught me how to go to thrift stored in search of old wool clothing.  I came home that day with some pieces of wool from the quilt store but also with a lovely tan wool skirt and a red wool blazer.  Now here’s where the monster comes in.  Today my husband and I were in town and he asked if there was anywhere I wanted to go.  I asked if we could go to the thrift store.  I promise that I was just going in to look.  I wasn’t going to get anything.

Well about 45 minutes later we left with two old wool jackets and that was really good for how much I actually found.  Just look at the beautiful patterns of them though how could I resist?  They were crying out to me to recycle them and make something lovely.  I’m already wanting to go back and find more.  That my friends is the story of how harmless little fabriholic Jennifer became an all out wool monster.

Quilting Inspiration


If you are anything like me inspiration for quilt projects can come from anywhere and everywhere.  Sometimes that inspiration comes from a very unexpected source.

For example this is what I drew out yesterday afternoon.  The inspiration behind it???  Well it came from 2 hours in the dentist’s chair staring at the light on the ceiling.  It was actually a good way for me to escape the whole dentist situation.  I see this quilt being made just as it is drawn with white, light gray, and a darker gray.

Another source of inspiration for me right now is

I looked up this months tutorial last night and today I got to work practicing the pattern shown.

This was my first practice piece.  I have done a lot of practice with leaves so all I really had to do with these was change the shape of them. On my second piece I decided to try going back and echoing the leaf shape.  This was a little harder and I wasn’t as happy with the results but that gives me something to practice more for next time. I have also been working on my Chippewa Nine Patch for the last couple of days and I got a start on my nine patch squares and I got my setting squares all sewn this morning.  There’s still plenty of strip sets that need to be cut and sewn into more nine patches.  It’s on my list tomorrow to keep working on them. 

I’m Still Here!!!


I haven’t blogged for at least a week.  I’m a little embarrassed.  It’s partly because of the holiday season and partly because I haven’t been sewing much lately.  I did get one quilt quilted last week though and I realized that I never posted any pictures of my car seat cover after I got it quilted.  So here’s some pictures of those and hopefully I’ll get back to my sewing machine soon.

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