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Wedding Quilt Top Finished!


I did it!!!  I’ve been saying for over a week I was going to get this quilt top finished and today I finally did it.

This isn’t the greatest picture.  It’s hanging over the quilting machine waiting to be rolled on and quilted.  That’s not on the list until at least next week.  I’m hoping that while it hangs there it will tell me how it wants to be quilted.  Any ideas are more than welcome.  My biggest worry is that I only have a midarm machine and this quilt is 95 ” square.  By the time I get to the other end I’m not going to have very much quilting space.

I also got all of y pieces cut out and ready to sew for my spring mystery quilt.  That is going to get finished first thing tomorrow so that I can take it back to show the store and get a 25% discount this week.

This is what it will look like when I get it finished!


Sooooo Close


It’s so close to being finished.  I have one border left to go.  Don’t all of those solids look great though!?!  It will for sure be done tomorrow.  Then I need to get my spring mystery quilt sewn together and get my FMQ challenge done for this month.  Once again I am demonstrating my amazing skills of procrastination.


Yesterday I finished the fairy I’ve been cross stitching.  The picture isn’t the best because of the frame but she is absolutely gorgeous!  The pattern is a free one from Passione Ricomo.  I jazzed her up with some sparkle and beading.  All in all I’m pretty excited about my projects!

Tinkerbell isn’t too impressed though.  She’d rather be left out of the stitching.

Some Great Finishes


I’ve been lazy the last few days again.  Part of it was that I was once again enjoying my cross stitching this weekend.  I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on a couple of them.  I can’t wait to share. Do you remember my Chippewa Nine Patch quilt?  I was able to go pick it up on Saturday.  The quilting she did is perfect for my quilt.  I absolutely LOVE it. Here’s the quilt!  It’s still my favorite quilt that I’ve made for a long time.Here’s a close up of the quilting in the double nine patches! Here’s a look at the back with the feathers in the plain setting squares.  I can’t wait to get this bound and on my bed! Here’s the latest quilt for the store.  I got this one finished this morning.  The pattern is Bird’s Eye View by Valorie Wells.  I love the look of her quilts. I just barely finished stitching this candle mat for my February Monthly Make.  Nothing like leaving it till the last minute right?  I made this with mostly repurposed wool.  I have to thank my friend LeAnne for helping me.  This is my first project with wool applique. 

Long Weekend


I made a goal on Friday to finish the Goodnight moon quilt I was working on for the store.  It didn’t happen.  I was interrupted by my sister asking for a babysitter and it got me out of my groove.  Later I was just getting back into the swing of things and my hubby decided he was hungry.  I guess I should have known that when you get a husband you have to actually take care of them. 😉  So then while cutting onions for our hamburgers I slipped and tried to cut off the tip of my finger.  I didn’t think of the quilt at all the rest of that night.  Saturday morning I got up and went to town to get my first kit for a mystery quilt I signed up for.  Then I came home wanting very badly to get that quilt finished before I had to head over to my sisters.  After way more trouble than I had expected I got it finished and taken back to it’s home.

It turned out really cute but the pattern I was using had a few problems that I also had to rewrite for the store.  In the end though it all came together.  I have one more quilt to sew for them and I’m super excited about this one.  It uses a pattern by Valorie Wells and I love her patterns.

I did go to my sisters with my hubby last night and we watched her kids and spent the night there.  Apparently we’re more fun than I realized because they did not want to quit and go to  bed.  It was a good thing that we had no plans today because I’ve already had 2 naps.  The funny thing though is that my tinkerbell won’t let me get far out of her sight today.

I laid down on the couch and she decided to use me as a pillow.  Then…

I was just sitting there and she came and wriggled under my arm and sat down beside me.  I love it when she is in one of her snugly moods.

One day behind


Happy (late) Valentine’s Day!  Yes I am a day behind but I figure it’s better late than never.

I got my Mi Amore quilt finished this morning.  I’m so excited with how it turned out!  I changed the shape and size of the hearts a little and didn’t use as many of them as the pattern.  I used the colors red and purple because those were the colors we had at our wedding last summer.  I also added…

This little touch.  This is one of our engagement pictures and the writing under it is our names and wedding date.  I really did try to have this made for us by Valentine’s but I don’t think it wanted to be finished by then.  Oh well maybe now the goal can be to get it quilted and bound by our anniversary.





Mi Amore Progress


I got my borders finished on my Mi Amore quilt top this morning.  I’m excited to get the hearts ready to put on it but right now I’m having printer problems so it will have to wait a little.  I also have a couple of new store samples to be working on.

Last week I got this cross stitching back from being framed.  I did the stitching a few years ago but my local embroidery store is having a finish competition.  Great motivation to get out some of my old unfinished stitchings and give them new life.  That’s one reason I haven’t been getting as much sewing done.  I’m super excited about hand work right now.

The Lorax


A couple of days ago I finished this Lorax quilt and took it back to Suppose.  Then I came home and started on the second Lorax quilt I was making for them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This afternoon I finished this second quilt and took it back to Suppose.  I had fun with both of these quilts.  Now tomorrow I’m hoping to finish the Mi Amore quilt that I’m pattern testing so that I can get my feedback sent to Kissed Quilts.