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An April Announcement


Oh my goodness!  It has been so long since I have blogged.  I’ve been a little off for the last couple of weeks.  I have an announcement that I hope will make up for my absence.

The big news is that Tinkerbell is going to be a big sister!!!!

That’s right we are expecting our first baby in late November.

As usual Tinkerbell seems somewhat underwhelmed but I know there is excitement bubbling somewhere in there.

So there’s the reason that I have been AWOL lately.  Baby and I are very tired and sometimes slightly sick.  Sewing is not a huge priority right now.  I am working on a swap quilt though that will have to be kept secret until my partner receives it.  I also got the wedding quilt on the quilt frame and was going to start quilting this morning.  Only a couple of inches in the needle broke and my hormonally overloaded self left the sewing room very unhappy.  I’ll try again tomorrow morning because it needs to get finished.  Maybe I’ll be less emotional tomorrow.





Ok the truth is that I really don’t care all that much about sports.  My husband however is very into them.  So being my usual slightly bratty self I like to cheer for the opposite team.  This irritates him because my team wins 9 times out of 10.  This was our second super bowl together and my second year picking the winning team.  Go Giants!  This also means that he gets to take me out to dinner.  😉

Seeing Double


I’ve been trying to get this post done for a couple of days now but my internet was having problems.  It seems to be doing ok now though.  (insert cheersl!)

I decided that this post is being brought to you by the number 2.  This is for a couple of reasons.  The first is that I finished 2 sample quilts for Suppose.

These two quilts were made from one layer cake and yardage using…

this pattern.  I have to say my personal favorite is the half circles one but I have a soft spot in my quilting heart for circles.  So I haven’t been completely idle during the holidays.  I was especially happy to get these quilts done because now I can work on the things I got for Christmas.

Now for the second reason 2 is our number today.  I wanted to brag a little about my husband.  The number 2 applies to him because he is actually a twin.  Last weekend his cousin put up some old pictures on Facebook and I stole a couple of them.

Here he is on the left with his older brother and his twin brother.  Isn’t he so adorable!!  I haven’t seen very many pictures of him growing up because they had a flood and most of that stuff was in the basement so I love it when I can see some.

Now the reason I wanted to brag about him is that he actually got me a couple of late Christmas presents this week.  One was a circular embroidery attachment for my sewing machine.  I’m very excited about that because as I’ve already said I love circles.  He also got me a kit that I’ve been wanting for months.

I saw this quilt hanging up in one of the local quilt stores and I fell in love with the name of it, Chippewa Nine Patch.  My husband is from the Chippewa Cree tribe.  I kept going back and looking at it and eventually fell in love with the quilt too.  I half-heartedly looked for the pattern a few times.  Then finally I couldn’t resist any longer and asked someone about it.  They had one pattern left in their last kit.  They had apparently had this kit for a long time so  I actually got it at a great discount!  I’ve started cutting out strips for the nine patches this morning and I can’t wait to make the quilt.  So I’ll wind down on my rambling for today so I can go get more done.

Don’t forget to sign up for my giveaway.  I’ll be drawing for a winner tomorrow.  I’ve loved receiving and reading your comments on it.

Back Home


We got back last night from a whirlwind trip up to Montana and back.  We were in the car driving longer than we were actually up there.  I did have time to stop at one of my favorite quilt stores.

I got to stop at The Quilt-A-Way in Great Falls.  I love this store.


When I walked in the door the first thing I saw was this awesome dress made from fat quarters.  I thought this was the neatest idea.  I want one of my own.


I’ve been trying to work on an old embroidery project so I stopped in the embroidery section to be inspired.  When I’m working on projects I always get a new burst of energy for the task when I look at other beautiful things made the same way.


The wool applique room is one of my favorites.  I’ve never worked with wool but I love the look of it and this room makes me want to try it every time.


I’ve been feeling like I’m swamped with projects I want to work on lately so I wanted to be careful with my shopping and get something I would use and not just stick in a closet.  With that in mind I got some 1800s fat quarters that I haven’t seen around here to use in my medallion quilt and a free motion book to help with my new desire to learn quilting.  I had read through half of the quilt before we got home last night and I’ve been drawing down quilt patterns since then.  Now I just need to find some time to try them out on fabric.

I’m also proud to report that I got 8 of my dresden star blocks appliqued on the drive.  Today I was happy to get back in the sewing room though.  I started another store sample quilt that I’m really excited about.  It uses Kaffe Fassett stripes and I’ve always had a desire to make a quilt with those.

Baking and Borders


Yesterday morning my niece was here. So to entertain her and to give me a break from the never ending supply of projects screaming out for me to stitch, I decided it was time to bake. I had a new magazine with a recipe for Apple-Filled Phyllo Pockets. The only problem was that I had no Phyllo, but I did have some puff pastry shells so I decided they would be a good substitute.

We had lots of fresh apples from the garden so Courtney and I started peeling and slicing apples. Then we put them in a pan to caramelize. It already looked delicious.

An hour later we had these really yummy treats. It was a very tasty break.

Later in the afternoon I took myself back into the sewing room. Thursday had been my guild meeting to work on our medallion quilts. I got a quilt label sewn onto another quilt and got some of my pieces on but I left the meeting very behind. So That’s what I pulled out to work on. I got one border finished and now I only need to do one more to catch up with the group.

Big City Blocks and a Small Town Game


Here’s a little preview of the project I’ve been working on.  It’s a sample quilt for the Suppose quilt shop.  I got it all cut out yesterday and now I’m working on getting the city skylines appliqued onto the backgrounds.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done hand applique I’m really enjoying it.

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The big activity today was our hometown’s homecoming game.  As a West Side alumnus and with a niece in the pep band and drill team, I had to go and support.  We won 27-6!  Go Pirates.

Busy Days


The last couple of days have been busier than I expected. I’ve been getting a little work done on different projects but nothing to really show for it. One exciting thing though, is that yesterday I got my wedding pictures back from the photographer.  My Maid of Honor’s sister Jodie Gordon did them for us and I love them! They remind me of how in love with my husband I am and how beautiful our day was. I’m definitely looking forward to our one month anniversary next week.  Here’s a small slide show of a few of my favorite pictures.

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