Baby Shopping


Yesterday my Hubby and I were in town doing some shopping and celebrating his birthday.  We bought our first baby thing!  The background story is that my husband’s nickname is Cow.  When I first met his family and friends everyone called him Cow and I was the odd man out using his name.  So yesterday we saw this and couldn’t resist it.

It’s a cow and it’s so cute!!!

This is the back.  It has a tail!  How cute is that?

These are the little sockies that go with it.  Sorry about the blurry picture but you can still see how cute they are.

They have little tails too!

So that’s my show and tell for the week.  Still now getting much sewing or stitching of any kind done.  I do have my doll  swap quilt finished except for binding so I’ll be finishing that in the next couple of days and it will be on it’s way to it’s new home.


About jsoosay

I have been working with all kinds of needlework projects for 10 years. I'm always looking for inspiration and new ideas to try out. Quilting is my favorite medium for my creativity but I like to take time for various other forms of needlework.

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