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March FMQ


I didn’t even wait until the last day!  Are you surprised because I sure am.  I was so excited that this months guest teacher was Ann Fahl.  Her book Thread Dancing was the first book on FMQ that I bought.  I didn’t do the loops or the stars because I’ve had lots of practice with them since they are two of my favorite quilting designs.  I’m quite proud of my spirals.  I need to work on my speed control with them but I like how they worked.  I’m not so good with the flowers.  The ones that didn’t get messed up by my misbehaving bobbing looked ok but they are HUGE.  I’m going to have to learn how to make them better and a little smaller.

So of course I chose the spirals for my sampler quilt.  I knew I could get them to look at least halfway decent.

Here’s my first three months.  I think that I’m doing ok.  I definitely see improvement.


I also cheated a little and got an early start on one of my guilds next projects.  We’re making a Stack-n-Whack and I couldn’t wait to see what would come out of my fabric.  I also wanted to have some done so I could pick out a background at a great sale this weekend.

This is the only block that I have sewn so far and a scrap of fabric I had to test the kind of fabric I want to buy.  I think that I really like the pink with it.  Can’t wait to get more done and to be able to go shopping this weekend.


Wedding Quilt Top Finished!


I did it!!!  I’ve been saying for over a week I was going to get this quilt top finished and today I finally did it.

This isn’t the greatest picture.  It’s hanging over the quilting machine waiting to be rolled on and quilted.  That’s not on the list until at least next week.  I’m hoping that while it hangs there it will tell me how it wants to be quilted.  Any ideas are more than welcome.  My biggest worry is that I only have a midarm machine and this quilt is 95 ” square.  By the time I get to the other end I’m not going to have very much quilting space.

I also got all of y pieces cut out and ready to sew for my spring mystery quilt.  That is going to get finished first thing tomorrow so that I can take it back to show the store and get a 25% discount this week.

This is what it will look like when I get it finished!

Sooooo Close


It’s so close to being finished.  I have one border left to go.  Don’t all of those solids look great though!?!  It will for sure be done tomorrow.  Then I need to get my spring mystery quilt sewn together and get my FMQ challenge done for this month.  Once again I am demonstrating my amazing skills of procrastination.


Yesterday I finished the fairy I’ve been cross stitching.  The picture isn’t the best because of the frame but she is absolutely gorgeous!  The pattern is a free one from Passione Ricomo.  I jazzed her up with some sparkle and beading.  All in all I’m pretty excited about my projects!

Tinkerbell isn’t too impressed though.  She’d rather be left out of the stitching.

We Have a Winner!


Thank you to everyone who participated in my giveaway this week.  I love reading through comments and hearing what everyone is working on.  This morning I got everyone’s names written down and cut and folded.

Here’s the big bowl full of names.  This was definitely my biggest giveaway ever so I was super excited.  After mixing them all very well I pulled the name…..

Janet Wright!  Who said… I was asked to teach a beginners paper piecing class, so i have decided to design my own pattern to go along with it.

Congratulations Janet I will email you right away for your address.  Thank you again to everyone who entered.

I Promise I’m Sewing


I let myself have fun with blog hopping and cross stitching this weekend  I am still getting some sewing done though.  I promise I am!

I had a guild meeting this morning and I was able to get this sewn for my spring mystery quilt.

Pardon all of the threads on my design wall.  This is my spring banner.  I will thread a string through the letters and hang it on the top of the quilt.

I also got the back ready for the wedding quilt I’m making.  The quilt is 95 inches square so it was a HUGE back to make.  I had to get that made because I was wanting to use what I trimmed off of it in the front of the quilt.  It doesn’t seem like a lot but at least I feel like I accomplished something.

If you haven’t entered in my giveaway check out the previous post.  You still have until Saturday to enter.

Quilting Gallery Blog Hop and Giveaway!


Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways

This Giveaway is now closed

I’m so excited to be participating in this blog hop.  I love hosting giveaways.  I’m not going to take up a lot of time telling you about me and my blog.  If you want to know you can read my about me page.  I will say though that I love quilting and many forms of needle work and I started this so that I could share that love and find other people like that.  So thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you will want to come back again.

Now for the fun part.  Since I’m loving hand stitching right now I wanted to share it.  I’m giving an embroidery package.  It includes the book Stitchin’ Retro, 2 towels ready to be embroidered, 10 skeins of DMC floss, a pair of embroidery scissors, and one of my favorite tools a frixion pen.  I’m going to make this an easy giveaway.  No hoops.  I would appreciate it if you follow my blog if you like it but all you need to do to enter is leave a comment.  Tell me about one of your favorite projects or just something you are working on right now.  This giveaway will be open until Midnight March 23rd.  I will draw and post a winner March 24th.  The winner will also be notified via email.

Also be sure to follow this link to visit other blogs participating.

I also wanted to share a drawing that my favorite embroidery store is having.  They are giving away a $50 gift certificate.  All you have to do to enter is to like their facebook page.  They will be drawing for the certificate on April 3rd.  If you like their page and come back and let me know I will give you an extra giveaway entry but it isn’t required.

Favorite Things


The truth is that I’m not my happiest tonight.  I want to post but I didn’t want it to sound whiny.  So I was thinking about things I enjoy and things that make me happy.  Then I thought why not post and share some.

Always at the top of my happy list is music.  I always have something playing in the background and it is a must for when I’m sewing, stitching, etc.  One of my favorite groups to listen to right now is Blackmore’s Night.  Their music goes a long way toward cheering me up.  I’m listening to it as I type.  So I thought I’d share one of my favorite videos of their from youtube.  I hope you enjoy it.

As you probably know I’m feeling extremely hand stitchey lately.  I would be happy to spend all day every day cross stitching.  So here’s a sneak peak at the pattern one of the patterns I’m working on right now.

It’s a silhouette of a fairy which actually puts her in another category of things that make me happy.  I’m a big fan of fantasy.  I may be all grown up but I still look through the flowers and plants for the fairys that I know are in there. 😉

Along with the hand stitching I also found a lost little embroidery today.  It made me very happy to recycle an old frame and give it a home.

Another thing that I love and that makes me very happy is making other people happy.  Nothing will make you feel better faster than making someone else smile.  So with that in mind I am helping a friend of my mother’s by making her a quilt for her granddaughters wedding.  She is such a sweet little lady and every time we talk about quilt plans and how it’s coming I can’t help but grin.  So here’s a look at how her quilt is coming along.

This is the center of the quilt.  Now I’m going to start piecing triangles for the star points.  This is actually a quilt I’ve made for myself before, it is on my bed right now in fact and they couldn’t be more different.  I am loving how this one is turning out though.  The granddaughter requested bright colors.  I was a little apprehensive about these fabric choices because I was used to mine that was so different but it is looking gorgeous.  This will be a quilt that I’m going to be proud of.

Now for my last happy thought of the evening.  Food!!!  Not only am I a fan of eating it.  (A little too much sometimes)  I also love to cook.  This month was my turn to bring snacks to our guild meeting so I broke out the old recipe book.  I wanted something different and I found Fiesta Pinwheels.  They were good.  So as I promised my guild pals here is the recipe.


Fiesta Pinwheels

1 pkg. cream cheese

1/2 c. sour cream

1/4 c. salsa

2 tbs taco seasoning

1 dash garlic powder

1 can olives chopped

1 can green chillies

1 c. cheddar

1/2 c. sliced green onions

flour tortillas abt. 8

Beat the first 5 ingredients till smooth.  Stir in remaining ingredients except tortillas.  Spread abt. 1/2 c. on each tortilla and roll the tortilla’s up.  Wrap in plastic and refrigerate overnight.  Slice and serve.


And now if you have been brave enough to read this far, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.  I love to be able to share my thoughts, projects, love and addictions (shhhh…).  I appreciate all of my internet and blog friends.