Swapping Joy!


I love swapping.  I’ve only participated in two quilt swaps so far but I have loved being involved in them.  I recently joined another couple of swap groups and I wanted to share them as both groups have openings for more members.

The first that I joined is the Stash Bee Hive 3.  The object in this group is to use your stash.  When it’s your month you put up at tutorial on which type of block you want made and everyone makes their blocks and send them to you.  They do the same on their month and you send them your blocks.  Go check it out.  I’m super excited for when it begins.

 Doll Quilters

The second group I’ve joined is the Doll Quilt Swap.  Every month you get a new partner and there is an optional theme for your doll quilt.  I’m excited for this because it is an ongoing swap but if you need to quilt or take a month off then you can.  This one starts in April and the first optional theme is three colors.  I’ve already started having ideas and drawing out quilts for this.


About jsoosay

I have been working with all kinds of needlework projects for 10 years. I'm always looking for inspiration and new ideas to try out. Quilting is my favorite medium for my creativity but I like to take time for various other forms of needlework.

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