February FMQ



I finally made myself start the FMQ challenge for this month yesterday.  This month’s post was by Diane Gaudynski and she showed how to do feathers.  I am terrified of feathers I think if it weren’t for this challenge I would have been perfectly happy to go through my quilting life without making a single feather.  That’s why it took half of the month to talk myself into trying this.

Here’s my first attempt.  I figure if you stand back far enough and squint a little it looks pretty darn good.

I actually really like the top half of the second attempt.  Don’t look to close at the bottom.  I love the little branch off.

Here’s my sampler quilt so far.  I didn’t show it last month for the very simple reason that it hadn’t been sewn yet.  So here’s this month and last months blocks.

All in all while I am quite proud of my feathering efforts I still don’t see myself using them in a quilt anytime soon if ever.  Thanks Diane for the tutorial though and thanks to http://sewcalgal.blogspot.com/ for putting this challenge together.  I am enjoying this opportunity to learn more about FMQ and improve my skills.


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  1. I’ve had a feather phobia, too, and waited until yesterday to do the challenge. They were easier than I thought they’d be, and I wouldn’t have tried if not for the FM challenge, either. Great job.

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