Quilting Inspiration


If you are anything like me inspiration for quilt projects can come from anywhere and everywhere.  Sometimes that inspiration comes from a very unexpected source.

For example this is what I drew out yesterday afternoon.  The inspiration behind it???  Well it came from 2 hours in the dentist’s chair staring at the light on the ceiling.  It was actually a good way for me to escape the whole dentist situation.  I see this quilt being made just as it is drawn with white, light gray, and a darker gray.

Another source of inspiration for me right now is

I looked up this months tutorial last night and today I got to work practicing the pattern shown.

This was my first practice piece.  I have done a lot of practice with leaves so all I really had to do with these was change the shape of them. On my second piece I decided to try going back and echoing the leaf shape.  This was a little harder and I wasn’t as happy with the results but that gives me something to practice more for next time. I have also been working on my Chippewa Nine Patch for the last couple of days and I got a start on my nine patch squares and I got my setting squares all sewn this morning.  There’s still plenty of strip sets that need to be cut and sewn into more nine patches.  It’s on my list tomorrow to keep working on them. 


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  1. Oooh! it looks 3D to me. I would never have thought of using different sized Flying Geese that way. Thank you for sharing your inspiration 🙂 I also love you machine quilting. I’m a complete beginner so I’m still doing ripples. I’d be well pleased with leaves like your’s! Avis x

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