Seeing Double


I’ve been trying to get this post done for a couple of days now but my internet was having problems.  It seems to be doing ok now though.  (insert cheersl!)

I decided that this post is being brought to you by the number 2.  This is for a couple of reasons.  The first is that I finished 2 sample quilts for Suppose.

These two quilts were made from one layer cake and yardage using…

this pattern.  I have to say my personal favorite is the half circles one but I have a soft spot in my quilting heart for circles.  So I haven’t been completely idle during the holidays.  I was especially happy to get these quilts done because now I can work on the things I got for Christmas.

Now for the second reason 2 is our number today.  I wanted to brag a little about my husband.  The number 2 applies to him because he is actually a twin.  Last weekend his cousin put up some old pictures on Facebook and I stole a couple of them.

Here he is on the left with his older brother and his twin brother.  Isn’t he so adorable!!  I haven’t seen very many pictures of him growing up because they had a flood and most of that stuff was in the basement so I love it when I can see some.

Now the reason I wanted to brag about him is that he actually got me a couple of late Christmas presents this week.  One was a circular embroidery attachment for my sewing machine.  I’m very excited about that because as I’ve already said I love circles.  He also got me a kit that I’ve been wanting for months.

I saw this quilt hanging up in one of the local quilt stores and I fell in love with the name of it, Chippewa Nine Patch.  My husband is from the Chippewa Cree tribe.  I kept going back and looking at it and eventually fell in love with the quilt too.  I half-heartedly looked for the pattern a few times.  Then finally I couldn’t resist any longer and asked someone about it.  They had one pattern left in their last kit.  They had apparently had this kit for a long time so  I actually got it at a great discount!  I’ve started cutting out strips for the nine patches this morning and I can’t wait to make the quilt.  So I’ll wind down on my rambling for today so I can go get more done.

Don’t forget to sign up for my giveaway.  I’ll be drawing for a winner tomorrow.  I’ve loved receiving and reading your comments on it.


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