The age old art of procrastination


Yes I am somewhat sorry to admit that I am very proficient in the art of procrastination.   In the last two days I have planned and made or finished 4 Christmas presents.  The truth is that I didn’t think my family was exchanging gifts this year because we usually draw names and this year we decided not to.  Then the last couple of days presents began to arrive from my lovely sisters.  So I decided at the last minute to throw some presents together.

I got this layered and quilted yesterday and then got the binding done this morning.  This is going to my brother’s family because I thought it would go well in their red kitchen.

I’ve done loops and stars quilting before and this time I wanted to mix it up a little.  Once again I had so much fun quilting.  I really need to get to work and get some more quilt backs and do some more quilting.  I always enjoy it so much.


I got these picture frames filled with Clayton’s help this morning too.  They are for my sister’s families.  The pictures are my nieces and nephews from our wedding this summer.  It was fun to be able to look through the pictures again.


We also have invited one of the boys that Clayton works with to join in our Christmas festivities this year.  I made him this pillow case this afternoon.  He loves Boise State football so I made it in their colors.


I even embroidered his name on it.  I hope he likes it.


Now I’ll break with my tradition of procrastination to wish you all a merry Christmas.  I hope everyone has a wonderful time and enjoys the holiday.  I’m looking forward to time with my family over the next couple of days.


Tinkerbell even gets to celebrate with us and I have it on good authority that Santa has some very good presents for her.

Be sure to come back next week because my next post will be my 50th blog post so to celebrate I have another fun giveaway planned.


About jsoosay

I have been working with all kinds of needlework projects for 10 years. I'm always looking for inspiration and new ideas to try out. Quilting is my favorite medium for my creativity but I like to take time for various other forms of needlework.

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