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We got back last night from a whirlwind trip up to Montana and back.  We were in the car driving longer than we were actually up there.  I did have time to stop at one of my favorite quilt stores.

I got to stop at The Quilt-A-Way in Great Falls.  I love this store.


When I walked in the door the first thing I saw was this awesome dress made from fat quarters.  I thought this was the neatest idea.  I want one of my own.


I’ve been trying to work on an old embroidery project so I stopped in the embroidery section to be inspired.  When I’m working on projects I always get a new burst of energy for the task when I look at other beautiful things made the same way.


The wool applique room is one of my favorites.  I’ve never worked with wool but I love the look of it and this room makes me want to try it every time.


I’ve been feeling like I’m swamped with projects I want to work on lately so I wanted to be careful with my shopping and get something I would use and not just stick in a closet.  With that in mind I got some 1800s fat quarters that I haven’t seen around here to use in my medallion quilt and a free motion book to help with my new desire to learn quilting.  I had read through half of the quilt before we got home last night and I’ve been drawing down quilt patterns since then.  Now I just need to find some time to try them out on fabric.

I’m also proud to report that I got 8 of my dresden star blocks appliqued on the drive.  Today I was happy to get back in the sewing room though.  I started another store sample quilt that I’m really excited about.  It uses Kaffe Fassett stripes and I’ve always had a desire to make a quilt with those.


About jsoosay

I have been working with all kinds of needlework projects for 10 years. I'm always looking for inspiration and new ideas to try out. Quilting is my favorite medium for my creativity but I like to take time for various other forms of needlework.

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