Celebrating with a fun Giveaway


I realized after my last blog post that it was my thirtieth post.  I think that is a great reason to celebrate, so the last couple of days I’ve been putting together a little giveaway package.

Included in this is my very own pattern called Irish Wildflower Chain, all the DMC embroidery threads needed for the pattern, and my new favorite tool for marking embroidery, a Frixion pen.

To enter the drawing for this package just leave a comment.  If you want to be entered a couple more times you can become a follower and comment that you are a follower.  You can also share this giveaway on your own blog and comment that you have shared this post.  I will collect all the names and draw for the giveaway on Nov. 19th.

Here’s a picture of the completed quilt for you to see.  Good luck to everyone with the drawing.  I’m hoping that it will be the first of many.


About jsoosay

I have been working with all kinds of needlework projects for 10 years. I'm always looking for inspiration and new ideas to try out. Quilting is my favorite medium for my creativity but I like to take time for various other forms of needlework.

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  1. Congratulations on your 30th post! Haven’t quite gotten there myself…I just keep putting stuff on Facebook instead. The lazy blogger’s soapbox!
    Thanks for the giveaway chance. 🙂

  2. Same here, I am just getting back into my embroidering stuff, to see what I have and what I would like to have. This pattern look so beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with with us.

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