Baking and Borders


Yesterday morning my niece was here. So to entertain her and to give me a break from the never ending supply of projects screaming out for me to stitch, I decided it was time to bake. I had a new magazine with a recipe for Apple-Filled Phyllo Pockets. The only problem was that I had no Phyllo, but I did have some puff pastry shells so I decided they would be a good substitute.

We had lots of fresh apples from the garden so Courtney and I started peeling and slicing apples. Then we put them in a pan to caramelize. It already looked delicious.

An hour later we had these really yummy treats. It was a very tasty break.

Later in the afternoon I took myself back into the sewing room. Thursday had been my guild meeting to work on our medallion quilts. I got a quilt label sewn onto another quilt and got some of my pieces on but I left the meeting very behind. So That’s what I pulled out to work on. I got one border finished and now I only need to do one more to catch up with the group.


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