Monthly Archives: October 2011

Happy Halloween!!!


Oh man, I feel like I’ve really been slacking lately.  I have been getting things done, I just don’t seem to have anything to show for it.  I’m working on a shop sample again and it feels never ending.  I did find some pictures on facebook from the Halloween party we went to a couple of weeks ago at My Girlfriends Quilt Shoppe and thought they would be perfect to share on Halloween.

Here’s my Mother, Me, our Friend Shelley, and my niece Courtney, with their spooky butler.  I thought he was kind of cute!

Me getting some of their home made root beer.  I was so excited because I had been craving root beer for a week.

These were one of the make and takes they were doing.  Aren’t they so cute.  They were just a circle gathered at the top and then stuffed and decorated.

Here’s our Courtney making her pumpkin.

The whole place was decorated beautifully and there were treats and fun and Halloween ideas everywhere.  That was the funnest Halloween party I’ve ever been to.  I can’t wait for next year.



More Fun at My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe


This morning we went to My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe for a trunk show with Nancy Halvorsen. She gave some tips for making her quilts and told about how she started designing and where she gets her inspiration from. The store also had her books and some of her fabrics for 20% off! I got her book Winsome Baby since I’m loving baby projects right now. I can’t wait to get started with some of the projects. I’m having so much fun with the events they are having there. I also got a really fun pattern and some Etchings fat eights when we were there Friday.

Baking and Borders


Yesterday morning my niece was here. So to entertain her and to give me a break from the never ending supply of projects screaming out for me to stitch, I decided it was time to bake. I had a new magazine with a recipe for Apple-Filled Phyllo Pockets. The only problem was that I had no Phyllo, but I did have some puff pastry shells so I decided they would be a good substitute.

We had lots of fresh apples from the garden so Courtney and I started peeling and slicing apples. Then we put them in a pan to caramelize. It already looked delicious.

An hour later we had these really yummy treats. It was a very tasty break.

Later in the afternoon I took myself back into the sewing room. Thursday had been my guild meeting to work on our medallion quilts. I got a quilt label sewn onto another quilt and got some of my pieces on but I left the meeting very behind. So That’s what I pulled out to work on. I got one border finished and now I only need to do one more to catch up with the group.



I am so ready for a weekend this week.  I have been working all week on getting more ufo’s finished.  Now I have a whole pile of quilts needing binding.

I got my Joel Dewberry quilt finished earlier this week.  Now I need to plan what to do with the other half of the jelly roll for the back of the quilt.

I also got all of my twister blocks finished yesterday.  Now I’m waiting for the store to get in the yardage of Putting on the Ritz  so I can buy the outer border fabric.  I love this quilt.  I was a little worried about how it would look with only two colors of square but I didn’t need to worry.  I think it’s gorgeous!

Today I’m trying to get an embroidery block done that’s been waiting for a year.  Then after 11 more blocks I can make another quilt.  I’m also excited for tonight.  They’re having “Ghoul”friends Night Out at My Girlfriends Quilt Shoppe.  Can’t wait!!!

There’s Always Something New


I went to my Twister class yesterday and was so excited about it!  It was using the Twister tool which makes pinwheel blocks quick and fun.  We finished one block in the class and have 8 more to go.  When I got home I wanted to hurry and get a picture of my block to share here but I couldn’t find the camera.  I looked all through my sewing room bedroom and fabric storage room.  Then last night I found it when I was getting my cross stitching out to work on.  I don’t know how it got hidden there but at least it’s found again.

This is my first block.  It’s made with the blues and grays from the “Putting on the Ritz” line.  It was so fun to make and I’m excited to sew the rest of them together.

I’ve also been looking through my UFO’s for things I could practice my machine quilting on.  I pieced this table runner when I was very first learning to quilt and thought it would be a great practice project. 

I was pretty happy with the results.  I just used an all over swirl and leaf pattern.  Now I have to get it bound and decide what to quilt next!!!  I’ll need to find another class to sign up for I’ve been having a really fun time with these last ones.

Playing Catch-Up


It’s been a long week with the flu going around in this house.  I’ve been trying to get things done anyway and I did get a few things accomplished. 

Last Friday was the last session of the machine quilting class I’ve been taking and here is some of the work I did in the class.  I was very proud of my stars and I already have a couple of quilts to use them on.

I also signed up for another class and bought my fabric for it.  I got a couple of “Putting on the Ritz” charm packs and separated the blue and gray squares out and got a beautiful gray basic to go with them.  I can’t wait for the class this week to see them put together.

Over the weekend I worked on getting a couple of quilts bound.  For some reason binding is my least favorite step of quilting.  I don’t mind it while I’m working on it but getting myself started with it is always hard.

Today I got into the quilt room and was finally able to start sewing on my Joel Dewberry quilt.  There are a lot of little pieces involved but I’m having fun making it and so far loving how it looks.

I even caught my husband in a good mood while I was chain piecing my strips together.  Even I was surprised when he went along with my insistence that I had made him a skirt.  Isn’t he just cute!?!

One Quilt Quilted Another Planned


I finished quilting my second quilt on the mid-arm today.  For now I’m just working on practice quilts until I get comfortable with it.  This is the quilt that was finished.  This is actually the 3rd or 4th quilt I ever made about 10 years ago and also the first quilt I designed myself.

I got into my binder of patterns and ideas and found this.  This is the actual paper I drew up the idea for this quilt on.  I had to keep it for old times sake.  It was drawn on the back of a movie theater flier because that was the only paper available when the thought struck.  Now years later the quilt will finally no longer be just an unfinished quilt top in the back of my closet.

I also got out that Joel Dewberry Design Roll that I mentioned yesterday.  I started reading through the pattern I was wanting to use it for and found out that I had twice as much fabric as I needed.  At which my brain kicked in and I came up with the idea to make two of the quilt in different colorways and use one for the front and one for the back.  A great reversible quilt.

This is the yellow/green colorway.

And this is the pink/navy colorway.  I put the browns in both colorways to tie them together and that is what I’ll bind it with too.  Now I just need to get to work on it!