Gee’s Bend Inspiration


A little over a year ago I first became acquainted with the Gee’s Bend style of quilting.  I was fascinated by it.  My quilting up until then had been like most quilters, bound up in rules of being squared up and in straight lines.  I wanted to try this outside the box style of quilting and what better way than making some pillows.  I’ve always loved making pillows to try new methods and techniques.  I finished the first pillow in neutrals and warm red and yellow tones not long after my resolution to try this new idea.  The second one after being started however, got packed up and forgotten during a series of moves.  Now settled, I’ve had the chance to go through all of my boxed up projects and I found it again. The pillow top was finished and all it needed was for the back to be sewn on.  I love the finished product.  I have also done a couple of other quilts with this more informal style of sewing and I love it.  While I’m not quite ready to throw the rules and the ruler out the window for good, I’m sure I’ll be making more projects like this.


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